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2016 Guangzhou International Auto Parts and Aftermarket market exhibition reload upgrade.
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The largest automotive spare parts, supplies and refitting, maintenance and diagnostic equipment exhibition--2016 Guangzhou International Auto Parts and Aftermarket market exhibition (AAG) will be opened in September from 18 to 20th in Guangzhou Poly World ......
The largest automotive spare parts, supplies and refitting, maintenance and diagnostic equipment exhibition--2016 Guangzhou International Auto Parts and Aftermarket market exhibition (AAG) will be opened in September from 18 to 20th in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Pavilion.
AAG exhibition is sponsored by China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., China Automotive Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Machinery Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou China Automobile Service Trade Co., Ltd. to create professional high-end post-market exhibition. This year's exhibition in the first 100,000 square meters of the pilot, is expected to attract about 2,600 companies to participate in the exhibition. And more well-known brands in the industry will bring automotive industry after the forefront of the technology, a number of new products and services will be in the exhibition site debut this year.

The famous brands competed in the same stage for the present, about 70% of the exhibition booth area has been sold out this year. Compared with last year, there will be more well-known industry brands from home and abroad gathered in the exhibition, competing to display the latest products and technology.
At present, we have confirmed that there are many leading brands from auto parts, repair and maintenance, supplies and refitting industry, including Bosch, FAW, SAIC, Changan, North Steam, Chinese weapon, Golden Kylin, crown, Zheng Yu, all Hing Seiko, Hui Run motor, universal filter, etc. Local support Association in response to the exhibition warmly received a number of local governments strong support and a number of industry associations to respond positively. There are more than 50 agencies and local associations that support and cooperate with and actively participate in the AAG exhibition.
The exhibition will be a great opportunity to support local auto parts industry and aftermarket enterprises to understand and expand the South China and Asia markets, and hope to promote the transformation and upgrading of industries around the world. Auto and motorcycle parts industry is the pillar industry of Ruian, the local industry association actively encourages and vigorously organizes the exhibitors, the association secretary General thinks: "The South China market is currently the largest logistics center in Guangzhou, while the passenger car and commercial vehicles in the market also ranked first in the country, The AAG exhibition itself embodies unlimited industry resources and business opportunities, which is an excellent opportunity for our local enterprises to develop trade partners and deepen technical exchanges.

Carefully organize the buyers good quality exhibition based in Guangzhou, connecting Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Huizhou and other neighboring cities, and other within two hours to reach Guangdong province.
Due to the proximity of the region, the exhibition for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asian buyers have a natural impetus. Up to now, the project team of Aag has gone to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Fujian, Hebei, Henan, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Southeast Asia and other parts of the city, trade associations, chambers of commerce to promote, recruit and invite buyers. This year's exhibition is expected to come from the major manufacturing Enterprises Procurement Department, auto circulation Procurement Department, 4S stores, repair shop procurement Department, insurance company Department of Loss, electrical purchasing department, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia and overseas high-quality buyers and professional visitors to visit the site.
Express Quartet Auto Parts Supply Chain Co., Ltd. will organize more than 1000 of the procurement units, channel vendors to negotiate. For the Pearl River Delta in a short time to reach Guangzhou's "two-hour economic circle" City, AAG exhibition actively mobilize local auto parts, maintenance, supplies Chamber of Commerce leading member enterprises and professional buyers to visit the exhibition.
The exhibition focused on the procurement of these cities, and provides a roundtrip bus to connect the area's main auto parts city and Pavilion, will be full of invited distributors, distributors to visit.
At last year's show, buyers from south, east and central China ranked among the top three buyers, this year, in the active promotion and mobilization of the project team, more from north, southwest, northwest, northeast and overseas areas of the professional audience expressed the expectations of the exhibition. Mr Frank Nieuwenhuys, vice president of automotive aftermarket in Asia and the Pacific, said: "Guangzhou has a very high number of cars, we are convinced that the environment here is very attractive to the market, Guangzhou is undoubtedly our focus on China's automotive market." Here, we see opportunities, we hope to take the lead in the standardization of automotive after-sales service into Guangzhou. ”

Outdoor Cruise green Conversion trend this year, the AAG exhibition will be set up to modify the Special pavilion, set up 17000 square meters of modification, color, film, maintenance and other display areas, is expected to have 90 display car collective debut, the joint display of car performance modification and appearance modification.
At present, including aliens, Cales, Chao Car Hall, Super technology, Ao Xiang, RSC, Motul, ABT, AZN Motorsport, including a number of conversion leading enterprises confirmed to join.
During the same period, the exhibition will also carry out the "Modified car outdoor Parade" activities, in addition to the professionals to display the latest trend and development of vehicles, but also to the general audience to promote safe, green, rational conversion culture. and the conversion of the show and the same time the outdoor parade also "to ensure green travel, modified vehicles do not harass" oath activities, participate in activities and ensure that "do not participate in street racing, not disturbing, not affect public safety" car fans will get "Green certificate", mass commune, modified Circle,

Szlower will be the sponsor of the activities of the support, while the activities also received more than 40 modified societies and professional media support, and attracted a lot of modification enthusiasts attention. The same time activities of professional matching brilliant China Automotive Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd. Mr. Han Xiaojun, general manager of the AAG exhibition has such a look: "In order to the exhibitors and buyers to provide more services, we hope the exhibition can maximize its role in the platform." High-level exhibitions with products, technology, information, talent and other resources focused on the effectiveness of the focus. We hope that this year's exhibition will be able to use the industry to bring together the opportunity to carry out a wealth of forum activities, the latest industry trends and technological innovation to share. "A number of high-profile events last year will be featured again during the 2016AAG exhibition," he said. At this year's show, there are expected to be 8 simultaneous events in turn, with at least 4 matching fairs.
The "China (Guangzhou) Auto Parts Forum", which is highly praised by the industry at the 2015AAG exhibition, will be upgraded again at this exhibition. This year, the exhibition in the last year on the basis of further development of the same period of activity scale, a variety of activities will be highly professional coverage of many segments of the industry to help professionals improve the efficiency of the exhibition.
Content-rich Forum not only comprehensive improvement, has been highly praised by the industry, but also brings together a large amount of industry information and senior experts. Industry center of gravity quality service is poised to be sent according to the U.S. automotive industry magazine data show that the global auto production and car ownership continues to increase, auto parts industry also shows the following trends: the automotive industry chain technology and research and development focus on the parts and components manufacturing industry increasingly tilt, Auto parts industry has gradually become a competitive hot spot for the development of automobile industry in various countries. Global sourcing has become a trend, automotive parts and components products have deepened the degree of international, systematic development, modular manufacturing, integrated supply to become the global automotive parts product manufacturing new trend, make the automobile production more specialized, assembly speed faster,
More adaptable to the personalized needs of customers.
Adapt to the new trend of industry development, this year AAG exhibition covers automotive spare parts, automotive supplies, car repair, maintenance, beauty, modification, car robots, Internet + and other fields, product display category covers a car composed of tens of thousands of kinds of components required.
With the increase in the number of exhibitors and the quality of professional visitors, there is expected to be more than the last growth of about 20% of quality buyers and professional visitors at home and abroad gathered this year's exhibition site. At present, the 2016AAG exhibition has opened the "online audience pre-registration" service, the audience can directly in the micro-letter, the official website registration application for the exhibition, the preservation of two-dimensional code in the pavilion after the self-service printer to print, you can enter the visit. The exhibition set up the exhibition guide, through the reasonable layout and the audience guide, the purchaser also can in the quickest, the most obvious way efficiently to find the resource which needs. Multi-channel Media Promotion program will help enterprises to expand brand awareness and industry concerns, through the exhibition to enhance communication with professional buyers.